And so it begins…

Our house is sold!  The place Bob lived for 32 years.  The place where we had dinners and told stories and fell in love.  The couch and the bed where we healed from our motorcycle accidents.  Our pool where we hosted kids and grandkids and adults acting like kids belongs to a new family.  There is a sadness as we close that chapter in our lives.SoldSadness And an excitement.  Selling the house feels like cutting one of the tethers holding down our hot-air balloon.  We have a little lift and can feel what it will be like to fly, but we’re not there, yet.  SoldHappiness Fortunately, we have a new home.  We have a 2008 Allegro Bus with a motorcycle lift for our Road Glide Ultra and a tow dolly for our Mini Cooper.  We’ve only been staying in it for a few weeks and it already feels like home.  It’s just the right size with just the right “stuff” for us. NewHome So what’s next?  Time to organize, store, or trash all the stuff we moved from our old home to our new one.  We got rid of so much stuff during the selling process, but we still have more than we need/can store now.  Time to think and plan where to go when the last tether is cut.  How exciting!


14 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. I’m so very happy for the both of you. And your right, time doesn’t stop so move on….. Be happy and send pic’s… oxoxoxoxoxo Lisa


  2. My husband & I are getting ready to do the same thing-other than selling our house. We have to have a home base because my hubby is going to be a travel nurse. Our first destination is Hannibal, MO for the next 3 months so I started us a blog. We have a Harley Road King, a 31 ft RV, and a G3 fishing boat. So cheers to some happy times of making memories you two and I will be following your blog!


  3. I remember when we finally sold our house to move onto the boat and how great it felt to get rid of so many of our possessions. I called it “unloading the burden of ownership”. Congratulations and safe travels.


  4. You guys have a great life, and I will be following you on your adventure. wish I was there and I will take care of the old bike!…went over 30,000 miles this week.


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