You may be wondering…

It’s been really interesting the reactions we’ve gotten from people as we’ve shared our future plans. They run the whole gambit from excited to curious and even some that think we are crazy.
Anyway, we thought we’d try to answer some of the questions we’ve gotten for those of you that want to know, but haven’t asked:

WHY? Simple answer is, why not? Bigger answer is we’ve talked a lot about places we want to go ride, things we want to see and/or do and people we want to visit. We’ve always been travelers, but like the comforts of home, too. So, an RV seemed like the near perfect solution. Take our “toys” and go see all those things on our bucket list, and take our time doing it.

Why NOW? We know that our time here is a precious gift. Our big motorcycle crash in 2005 and mine in 2011 taught (and re-taught) us that lesson. If you wait until the time is “perfect”, life happens and you may lose your chance. We still deal with the pain from the aftermath of those experiences and don’t want to miss our chance. Taking this adventure in a motor home gets rid of all the maintenance obligations on a house and allows us to control the pace without deadlines so we can live within the limits of what our “repaired and rebuilt” bodies can handle. Our weight loss coach gave us this quote, which seems to fit perfectly, “Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, know what’s even scarier? Regret.” Exactly.

What about your stuff? It’s stuff. It matters not a bit compared to the memories and people we share our life with. Both of us have collected a lot of baggage over the years. It’s both liberating and a bit foreign to release that weight. Does that mean everything is trashed? Not a bit. We have all our digital pictures and are in the process of digitizing our old printed photos. (How many of you have that on your “to do list”? LOL) We have all our electronics in our new home. We’ve both lost a bunch of weight recently so letting go of clothes has been easy because they don’t fit. We will likely wear different clothes in our new life anyway, so it’s a good time to transition. We have been great “consumers” over the years. It’ll be good to focus more on the experiences and relationships day-to-day and less on the stuff.

Won’t you be scared to be homeless? That’s the thing, really. We aren’t and don’t feel homeless. First, we are “home” wherever we are together. Second, we have a GREAT home in our new bus. Comfy chairs, great kitchen with a dishwasher, and a better bed than we had in our house! Come by for a visit or come meet us on the road and see for yourself!

I’m sure there are other questions, and feel free to ask. We are excited and eager to share.


4 thoughts on “You may be wondering…

  1. That is what is driving us….we never ever want to regret. You know that saying when one door closes another one opens. Well here we are and here we go! I wish you the best in your traveling and definitely on my list to follow in the future!


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