“All Ready Gone”

July 11th
Today marks another milestone in our journey. Technically I’m not really retired yet but I’m feeling more like it. Kinda like the Eagles song, “Already Gone” that goes, “I’m already gone…and I’m feeling strong. I will sing this victory song, cause I’m already gone…woo..hoo…hoo…hooa.”

We’re taking the coach to Colorado Springs and hopefully we won’t be bringing it back for some time. We are going to meet up with most of our family for a little get-together in Colorado Springs for the week. We’re loading up the coach, the motorcycle on the lift on the back and the Mini Cooper on the tow dolly behind. I’m so excited…kinda giddy. Crazy huh…almost 62 but feeling like a kid.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the kids…9 in total, 2 grand kids and 7 nieces and nephews. They provide smiles and lots of energy. Michelle’s Dad is bringing 4 kayaks. We’re planning white water rafting, spelunking and marshmellow smores. Crap..We’re both still on the diet. That’s okay though…I’ve lost over 60 lbs in 10 weeks and I’m feeling great.

So, lots to do today. Stow everything inside and out, disconnect the coach, load the Harley on the lift and secure it!, hook up the tow dolly and check all the lights, load the Mini and put the magnetic lights on the roof. Buy lots of diesel fuel (we scouted out the Kroger gas station were we can use our fuel points for 50 cents off), and head out!
‘I’m feeeeling strong!… Cause I’m already gone’.


2 thoughts on ““All Ready Gone”

  1. Mik and Texas Bob: – can’t wait for the next installment of the trip! It will be so much fun to read about your trip since we know EVERYONE that is going! We are green with envy but will survive. Love Mary


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