On the road…finally!

Today, for the first time, we packed and loaded up EVERYTHING! Boy, was that a production! I can tell you one thing, for sure. We won’t be picking up and moving from a long term campsite on a whim! It took about 3 hours to pack up the loose stuff inside the rig, disconnect from the water, sewer and electricity, move all the slides in, load, secure and lift the motorcycle, and load secure and light the car on the tow dolly. Of course, in Texas, in July, it was already hot and steamy at 8 in the morning. Hope we didn’t get too sunburned! All-in-all, it went pretty smoothly and took a little less time than I expected (and more than Bob expected, surprise, surprise). We used our Kroger gas discount to top off our fuel tanks at only $3.12/gallon. Oh happy day!





It’s a weird feeling being on the road with everything for the first time. It feels more like vacation. Like our trip to Marathon to ride the motorcycle in Big Bend. Or like our trip to Lake Eufaula to camp with the kids and grand kids for Memorial Day weekend. It feels the same, but there’s this sense of something more. Something just off in the distance beyond my view. The promise of something. Time. Adventure. Nature’s beauty. The anticipation of “what’s next” is palpable, but I want to focus on the now. I don’t want to miss the present because I’m looking for what’s to come. Savor the moment now. The rest will take care of itself!


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