Holy Cow! That’s a harry road!


Imagine riding up a steep incline, two up, and all of a sudden you have no clutch! We were coming up on another hairpin turn above tree line with no turn out or shoulder and needing to shift to first gear (really tight and steep) and no clutch! The lever went flat against the grip and nothing happened. That’s right, about 3/4 of the way up my clutch went out. I was able to throttle it and jam it into first just in time. We finished the climb in first while I was wondering how we were going to get the bike back down. When we got to the top I rolled up to park and killed it in gear.

I checked everything I could without dissembling anything. I looked at my phone and had no service. We then decided to go in the visitor center and way our options. I hoped maybe it was just hot but had never experienced that before. I tried Michelle’s dad’s Verizon phone to call roadside service but no luck. I figured I’d be waiting up there all day for a service truck. As it turned out the clutch was overheated and began working after cooling off. It was 31 degrees up there with a chill factor of 28. It started working just in time for us to get in on the big family photo at the summit.


After chilling for a while the clutch began to work again. We decided to stop at North Catamount reservoir on the way down for lunch and to go kayaking. Michelle’s family brought 4 kayaks. We turned down what I thought would be an easy dirt road to the lake. After the white knuckles on the road to the top I didn’t need another harry one. No such luck. The road was only about 2-3 miles but it was down a steep, crazy rutted and washed out dirt and loose gravel road and then we came up on a beautiful lake.


After a short lunch we decided the better choice for us would be to get out before the threatening rain. The weather was predicted to have big thunderstorms in the afternoon. We didn’t come in a AWD Subaru or 4WD Tahoe like the rest of the family. But we surely had the most thrilling and magic vistas you could have asked for.

Thanks Lord for bringing us home safe!

I hope you enjoy the pics.

Matt taking a picture…







4 thoughts on “Holy Cow! That’s a harry road!

  1. Yikes! Thank God you guys are ok! One of those scary moments, you came back to write about it! Beautiful views! We always loved Pikes Peak but never done it by Harley! You guys rock!


  2. What a ride! I think they used to be car races up and down that road to the top! Great to see all the family having a good time. We are at 58 deg. this morning with a high of 75….great weather here!
    Love M


  3. Great Pictures…Bob I have had friends that developed a bubble of air in the clutch line while going up Pikes Peak, is yours hydraulic?


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