Wow…what a day!


Today we are going to ride the Harley up Pikes Peak. Here’s the view of the Peak this morning from the porch. Look’s like fabulous weather. It’s a chilly 51 degrees with almost no wind. I’m so excited.

Yesterday, we went white water rafting on the Arkansas river and had so much fun we signed up for a full day to go through the Royal Gorge. It’s supposed to be level 4 and 5 rapids (crazy us). After we got back I took a long nap and realized I was gassed and figured a full day of big water might be more than I need. Oh we’ll, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing big.

Our Mini Cooper is really awesome! It took a day or so to acclimate to the high altitude. We’re currently staying at about 9100 ft. above sea level. The dirt road up to the lodge the family rented is super fun. It makes me realize how much the Mini came from rally car roots. It nice having two ways to get around when the weather is not cooperating.


3 thoughts on “Wow…what a day!

  1. Jack and I took two trips in one day to Pikes Peak. The first time we drove and got to the top and a hail storm was moving in so we left and took a gal who was hiking back about half way down to her car where she had left it and hiked up. Then in the afternoon we actually took the cog railroad which was for me, Mary, more enjoyable. Quite an experience of God’s creation! Love M

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