Going with the flow

Has it been a week already? My how time flies!

Bob’s last week at work was good and hard and everything in between. Great to see friends and share vacation stories from the week at Woodland Park. Harrowing tales of a clutch malfunction going up Pikes Peak were shared with all.

For a couple days, my time seemed to be overly occupied with shopping. We needed groceries when we got there, and being in a new part of town made that both an adventure and an ordeal. It’s odd how we were “back home” and out of our element at the same time. I guess playing the grocery hunt game will be a recurring event for us, so I might as well get used to it.

Tuesday, I needed to find something nice to wear for Bob’s retirement party the next day. Having been 3 months since I left Partsmaster, during which time I lost 35 pounds, meant that none of my “work clothes” were acceptable. Anyone that knows me, knows I HATE shopping. So, having it take 4 stores and as many hours to find a dress that would work was excruciating! Bob’s “you look amazing” made it all worthwhile.


His retirement celebration went really well. His VP and the CEO both said nice, heartfelt things about how much his contribution meant to the company and how much he’d be missed. They surprised him (and fulfilled my secret wish) by telling him he that he only needed to come back for a bit the next day to hand off his “list” and then he was free to go. YIPPEE! Of course, the handoff was short, but the goodbyes were long, so that took a good half day. Fortunately we were able to share a birthday dinner with some good friends, which made for a really great day.

So, how did we spend the first full day of retirement? Lazing about the pool? Wondering what to do with all our new found free time? Hardly! We squeezed in a couple doctor visits, stuffed the Mini to the gills with our suitcase, cooler, office clean out stuff and a months worth of diet food, and rushed to Oklahoma City to have dinner with Bob’s brother and his wife. It was a great visit and we enjoyed getting to spend some time with them. Finally, we pushed on to Wichita, where we had reservations for the night. As we pulled into town, we saw a sign that said “Kansas City 189 miles”. We couldn’t believe we were that close to the kids and grand kids and hadn’t thought to plan a visit. Oh well, we are retired, right? We don’t have to stick to any schedule, right? Besides, everyone likes surprise company, right? Well, thank goodness, THEY do! We even got the extra bonus of being there at the same time as the other set of grandparents. Went to see Planes 2 as a big group and played some fun Mexican Train Dominoes. Great fun!

Now, finally, a week after we left home, we are headed back to our coach in Colorado. Strange and funny how much we miss the bus already. We are both ready to enjoy some downtime and relaxation after the whirlwind of the last week. I think it’ll take us a bit to decompress before we can fully be present in our new reality. Here’s to the adventure to come!


4 thoughts on “Going with the flow

  1. Sorry I missed you guys, went up to see you on Friday and you were gone…have a great one and keep up the Blog…I checked every day…looking forward to the day. D.A.


  2. It is a good thing you have names to fit those “new” people in the photo! Wow you both look super – keep up the good work! I heard you have plans to travel around and see the world. Good for you! Love M and J


  3. You guys be careful and have much fun.. Take time for each other. Time is what you have plenty of… Good luck and look forward to reading all the news… Think of me from time to time… ly, xoxoxo


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