Learning to live an unplanned life

Anyone that knows me knows I am a planner.  I’m actually pretty good at it.  In fact, figuring out, planning and executing those plans have been a big part of my job for years.  My planning has always extended to our personal life, too.  I manage the budget, plan the vacations, figure out the best price/location for purchases, etc.  I did much of the planning for the sale of all of our possessions and our house.  I still plan most of the meals on our diet to keep us on track.  So how do you switch all that history and habit and experience off and live an unplanned life?  I don’t really have the answer, yet, and am certainly open to suggestions.

We had our first “unplanned moment” when we decided not to rush back to the coach in Colorado and instead went to visit the kids and grandkids in Kansas City.  It was great.  We loved seeing them and it felt right making seeing them our top priority.  First step is the easiest, but certainly not the last.  We’re back at the coach now and parked at the house of some good friends.  We are enjoying their company tremendously, but the thoughts of “how long are we going to stay” and “where are we going to go when we leave” keep creeping in my mind.  The need to figure out and settle “what’s next” is pretty strong.  We’ve spent some time looking at campgrounds and planning a “route”.  We even made and cancelled a reservation one place.  And then, the thought comes back:  Don’t rush!  Take your time.  Stop trying to see and go and do all the time.  RELAX!!!  BE PRESENT!!!  All the rest will come in time.

It’s a struggle learning and embracing this new lifestyle, but it’s a joy to have the opportunity.


8 thoughts on “Learning to live an unplanned life

  1. I think Bob would enjoy a tour of each of the Bourbon distilleries in KY. One per day will fill up a couple weeks.


  2. OK. I am an expert on this. Focus on planning smaller things at first. (We are going to get rid of some stuff, or cook a new kind of meal tonight.) Realize you have time to read a book. There isn’t a big deal to hurry up and get to…so reading a book is cool. Sit down and play cards with your weird friends. There is no time you have to be “there”….and there probably isn’t a “there”. Try to make a minimum of reservations. If you are driving to Vancouver, there are a bazillion places to stay along the way, and if you don’t get to Vancouver this year, next year is fine. You are coming up on August, and the RV parks will not be at their peak again until late May. If you don’t find an RV park, stay at a Walmart…use the money you save to buy steaks. What the hell. That rig will be luxury wherever you happen to park. Don’t make itineraries–if someone asks where you are headed, say “northwest, at least for a while”. We needed an objective. The holy grail was taken, so we went for the world’s largest ball of twine. Now, we could google it, but wandering around hoping it shows up is more fun. I suggest you start poking around for the world’s largest cigar store Indian. If you start driving, you might find it some day. It gives you an important end objective. The adventures are what happens as you search for it. You might also check every town for Bob Murrays.
    The two of you actually are the destination now. You are already there, wherever you are.


  3. Bob, could you guys post your pictures of the inside of the Coach…a lot of the guys here at work want to see the inside, I showed them the pictures of you driving off.


    1. There are pictures on the blog. It was posted June 26th under the title “how can you call a vehicle home”. You can click on the calendar on the right side of the page to get to that entry easily.


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