At Last…

Yesterday we finally got free from the rain. So far we’ve been in Colorado 14 days (including our family vacation) an it has rained everyday except 3. Man, I didn’t know we were in Seattle. đŸ™‚
We were able to get the bike out yesterday the first time since we got back after getting it serviced. We left it at Pikes Peak Harley-Davidson while I finished my last week at work. They did the 10,000 mile service, put new tires on and bled the hydraulic clutch line…yes, it did have air in the line. It turns out to have been a known issue when climbing rapidly in elevation, like up Pikes Peak. I think Harley-Davidson ought to warn people of the possibility. Anyway, we got to ride yesterday, even if it was errands. We went to Denver to get some rings resized. Turns out your fingers shrink a lot when you lose 70 lbs. We also stopped to look for a heated mattress pad. It’s been in the 50’s and lower 60’s at night. Apparently they’re not in season …in August. We also picked up some groceries. The trunk is just the right size for grocery shopping and it keeps me from buying too much. The ride was fabulous! It’s amazing to me how invigorating a simple ride can be even if it includes errands.

We also had a beautiful sunset after many gray days.

So, today looks like another gorgeous day! We made a reservation to move to an RV park in Howard, Colorado on Sunday. It looks like a pretty place on the Arkansas river. It’s in Southern Colorado near Salida. Lots of pretty roads around there to ride.
Now, the rooster is beginning to crow so I’m done writing and ready to take on this gift of a day.


One thought on “At Last…

  1. I found your new location on the map, take pictures…talk soon…also I found the pictures of the inside of the motorhome, thanks.


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