A Great Day… “this is what I wanted it to be like!”

That’s what Michelle says. A nice campfire, about 68 degrees, and a 1-2 mph breeze, ah…life is rough.
Today we went to Colorado Springs to Pikes Peak Harley-Davidson to pick up our replacement passenger floorboard we had special ordered and shipped overnight. I was an idiot and put a tie down on it and a big dip in the road on I25 ripped it off. Nope, the new guy on the phone special ordered the wrong parts. Yep, 100 miles for no parts. The guys were really nice and helped me get the right ones ordered for only $560. H-D= HIGH DOLLAR! Ouch, a hard lesson.

At least we had a very scenic drive.

We went through Big Horn Sheep Canyon along the Arkansas river and then across the foothills west of Ft. Carson, right by Cheyenne Mountain (NORAD). I wanted to go up there and see if the intro to Stargate was right. Michelle said they probably wouldn’t let me go that far. Bummer!


We found the world’s largest rocking chair! (I don’t want to give it’s location away, John) It was along the way to Colorado Springs. The Apple Shed restaurant behind it was shut down but the chair was awesome.

Michelle drove to the Harley dealer and really got into the curves. I think she’d make a good race car driver. The road is nice and smooth with lots of curves. I drove home and took advantage of the prowess of the Mini Cooper.

After dinner, we took a walk along the river road and took a selfie on the bridge.

So, all in all a pretty good day!


Our little camp site.


3 thoughts on “A Great Day… “this is what I wanted it to be like!”

  1. Wow – what fun you are having and it is just beginning! The last selfie looks like the guy from the Xmen who sort of looks like dried up ground…parched! No doubt your camera was on the blink. I love to read about your trips and experiences. Thanks for sharing. Love Mary


  2. Ha! Ha! We know where the rocking chair is. That’s the road we take out of Colorado Springs when we go to Jim’s in Canon City. Passed it many times. Looks like you guys are settling in very nicely!


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