A rally car road…

Thursday, we had to go back to Colorado Springs for our parts for the passenger foot rest after I used it for a tie down point and got it ripped off on a huge dip. I’ll never do that again! Yep, another 100 miles back to town and Pikes Peak Harley-Davidson. Michelle worked out an interesting road map covering a scenic byway called Gold Belt Tour. It consists of paved and unpaved roads along a stream that went over a pass at 10,200 ft. elevation.

We started with Michelle driving and she was really into the curves. It was a beautiful sunny day. I continue to be amazed at how well the Mini Cooper handles the road. It can handle more than I ever expected. What a blast for not riding the motorcycle.


Soon we turned off on Phantom Canyon Road and started down our adventure. It is a really cool road that winds along a small stream up into the mountains.




It has several bridges and tunnels and makes you think about how this road was built. The tunnels were raw holes in the mountain side and the bridges were wooden and rumbled when you drove across. This road is so scenic however I don’t think I’d be comfortable riding two up on the Harley. (Another good reason to have the Mini.)



We stopped to explore the small stream and take a couple of photos.


We continued on our trek realizing we were truly blessed and have a wonderful life. When we reached the pass at 10,200 ft elevation we stopped for lunch. What a grand view!


A few miles further and we reached the town of Victor, a small mining community next to a mine we saw from the top of Pikes Peak. It was a fascinating town that seems to be a throw back in time. You would almost expect hitching rails and saloon doors on the bars. We drove through just to look around and get on our way.




Unfortunately, after leaving Victor the Gold Camp road was closed up ahead sixteen miles from Victor so we took the paved highway into Colorado Springs. Since we had to take Highway 24 into town, we decided to stop at the Manitoba Cliff Dwellings, a nice touristy thing to do. The dwellings were moved here from Mesa Verde and were reconstructed here in 1904-1907. They have an interesting museum and gift shop as well. These Indians were called Anasazi and lived about 2000 yrs ago. They were tiny people about 4 ft tall and only lived to about 35 yrs.




On the way home it began to rain. No high speed curves here. Just some nice roads and some great music from the Mini sound system.


By the time we got home to the coach the rain stopped and the sun was starting to set on a fantastic day!



6 thoughts on “A rally car road…

  1. Mik do you remember when you went with Jack and me and Zach to Branched Oak down by Lincoln. I let you drive the white van and YES you took the curves in the road a bit fast! Only then did I know you hadn’t been driving much! Oh well, sounds like you still like the curves. Love the pictures and no wonder people love Colorado! Love M


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