Blessings galore

We had a wonderful ride yesterday and I couldn’t help but thinking of (and thanking God for) all of our blessings. In addition to our wonderful family and friends, He’s made this amazing life we are experiencing daily possible. It’s certainly easy to see God’s great works in all his wonderful creation. We are SO blessed. Thank God!
So where and how did we spend this glorious day? We took a motorcycle ride up US 50 to US 285 to US 24, all of which we’d ridden before. Pretty views with quite a few majestic 14,000+ foot mountains along the way. However, this time we added on Colorado highway 82 from Granite to Aspen over the 12,095 high Independence Pass. AWESOME!
The start of this road goes past twin lakes and made a perfect lunch stop for us.


The ride up to the pass from the East had lots of winding tree-lined roads, although the asphalt was pretty bumpy/rough in spots.


There were 3 switchbacks up to the top. Much less than Pikes Peak and we are happy to report we had no clutch problems. One of the things we love about the switchbacks is the picturesque view of where you’ve just been. We even saw snow near the top in August!




The pass had some neat little alpine ponds with tundra flowers and a great view of the Eastern valley we’d just ridden through.





Coming down into Aspen had more pretty wild flowers along the side of the road and a few sprinkles. Enough to be annoying, but not enough to get really wet.


Aspen was pretty and looked expensive, but since seeing it really WASN’T the point of the ride, we just stopped by a park long enough for a snack and headed back the same way. One of the wonderful things about riding is that the same road almost ALWAYS looks totally different from another direction. (For some reason, it also seems shorter!). Here’s some shots from the ride back:














As we turned back off 82 for the rest of the ride home, we saw some menacing rain clouds and rushed home. We were blessed again with relatively good timing because what had looked like quite a downpour turned out to be only a little rain and we were dry before we arrived back home.
We made a big fire in the fire ring after dinner and noted that unlike the previous couple nights, the sunset was only so so. It took us a bit to realize it, but miraculously the clouds had all cleared away just in time for another wonderful gift. STARS! Billions of stars! While the Supermoon last week may have been cool for some, it really killed any star viewing for us. The clouds have made for amazing sunsets, but have also hindered our chances to wonder at the heavens. Well, finally, last night we took full advantage. We found the darkest spot at our RV park, moved our zero gravity lounge chairs their, grabbed our “windbreaker” blankets (Thanks Partsmaster for the Christmas gift) and our star walk app on the iPhone and watched the stars. We got to see several shooting stars and learned to identify some new constellations. While we don’t have a camera that will do the view justice, Bob used our iPhone app to share our view of the Milky Way with you:

Thank you God for a wonderful day and for the reminder that it’s not over, until You say it is done. Wondrous! Glorious! Grateful!


4 thoughts on “Blessings galore

  1. Your photos could be postcards…good photographer! What amazing countryside. Love the star photos. When we have gone to Mahoney at Christmas time we would take a 11 pm walk and would say “there is nothing like a Mahoney sky!” There is nothing like having it pitch dark except for the stars.. Thanks for sharing. Love Mary

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    1. I AM that good a photographer since I took most of them on a moving motorcycle and posted them without retouching them. However, you’re right that there were a TON more that we didn’t post. Glad you liked them!


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