Great Sand Dunes

Have you been to Great Sand Dunes National Monument and Reserve? No? You need to go. It’s a real wonder of the world.

In the middle of Colorado, next to the Sangre de Cristo mountains, there is a truly amazing ecosystem alive and thriving. The combination of water runoff from the mountains, prevailing SW winds whipping across a huge valley toward the mountains have created these HUGE sand dunes.

We were fortunate that it’s been so rainy. There was surging water in one of the creeks that wrap like arms around the dunes. Evidently, in most years, the water dries up in June. If you are taking kids, go early in the year so they can play in the water and build sand castles in the velvety sand. Or go whenever and make sand angels (like me)!


From a distance, the dunes look like they’re made of suede. Up close, it’s amazing how much the sand has that same feel. We climbed quite a few dunes, which was an experience in our “hiking” Harley boots!





When you think of dunes, you imagine dry, desert, no life. However, the edges of the dune had flowers and added a real spark of life to the area.




Anyway, it’s a wondrous place. We are so glad we made the trip. We almost got poured on our way back. Black sky and everything, but stopping to put on our rain gear acted as rain repellent and we didn’t get anything more than a sprinkle. Thank God!




5 thoughts on “Great Sand Dunes

  1. I remember when we took the van ride to our white water rafting trip entrance spot that the guides talked about the Grand Sand Dunes – glad you got to go there! Looks wondrous! AND beautiful flowers!!


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