Mexico…a marvelous country!

Cabo is the place for fun and relaxation. We love to come to Mexico. Cabo is more like an island than part of the continent. The people are warm and friendly. They like tourists in general. The weather is great. We like to come in September after the kids are back in school and just hang out at the pool.



The ocean is so blue. The Caribbean is more turquoise. Here the ocean matches the sky with deep blues and big waves. I think the Pacific Ocean is more dramatic with the brown sand, white sea foam and great roar from the crashing waves.



Sunset Beach is the top of the Pueblo Bonito resorts and has great food, excellent service and really good drinks, maybe too many good drinks. I can attest for all these things, especially the drinks. We completed phase three of our diet just in time to indulge in all they have to offer. Fidencio is an awesome waiter and cabana boy and took excellent care of us. Michelle introduced me to chilaquiles, a breakfast dish that consists of corn tortillas, green chilli salsa, cheese, sour cream, onions, and chicken, yum!

We ventured out one evening and went to another Pueblo Bonito property called the Rose in downtown Cabo. It is right on the ocean on the east side of Lands End (the arch at the tip of the Baja peninsula). The food was great but our waiter their was not so great. We kind of decided we like Sunset beach more.



We came just after a hurricane barely grazed the Baja peninsula and flew home just before hurricane Odile slammed into the peninsula leaving considerable damage and flooding. We pray that the latest hurricane Polo will remain at sea as it is forecast and that the people that live there are spared any additional disaster and catastrophe.



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