Back on the Arkansas River but in the Ozarks

On our slow migration South for the winter, we’ve decided to spend a few weeks in Arkansas. We have always talked about wanting to ride the winding roads here or trying to make it to the Bikes, Blues and BBQ rally they hold here every September. I guess we have to come back for the rally. When we looked at the Harley-Davidson touring handbook, nearly all of western and northwestern Arkansas was marked as scenic, so we decided to stay at Aux Arc (pronounced “oh ark”) campground near Ozark near Interstate 40, in the center of it all. It’s right on the McClellan-Kerr Navigation System on the Arkansas River. It seems ironic that we spent our first month in the coach in Howard, Colorado on the Arkansas River and now almost a 900 miles away we’re on the Arkansas again. We set up camp right on the river bank again, nice.



For our first ride we decided to include part of the famous Pig Trail (highway 23) and part of the Ozark scenic byway (highway 21) in our 120 mile loop. The ride was better than expected. The weather was perfect and we were treated to some beautiful fall colors. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the ride!





The next day the weather cooled off considerably and we dug out the heated water hose so our water line wouldn’t freeze. After a couple of cold days it warmed a little so we decided to go to Eureka Springs in the Mini. It was a great 200 mile round trip and we finished the north part of the pig trail. What a great road…lots of twisties and tree tunnels.


After leaving Eureka Springs we stopped at Pea Ridge National Military Park. This was where the largest Rebel army of the civil war met the Union army in two days of fierce battle for the state of Missouri. It has a visitors center and a self-drive park road to the points of interest. We found it very interesting and very scenic.


We are looking forward to seeing more of Arkansas and the beautiful scenery.


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