Do we really get to do this? We have, again, found a gorgeous place to park our coach and our fortune in getting to live this way brings this question to mind again.
We are staying at Parkview Riverside RV park near Concan, TX. The park is right on the Frio River directly across from Garner State Park. When we were researching the area, we read that this state park is the most visited in Texas. Now, we know why. The spring fed river is stunningly beautiful and crystal clear. It’s empty now, but I imagine it’s packed with people most of the summer.
There are trees of unbelievable size along both banks of the river.


It seems like every time we cross the river or walk next to it, the view is magical.

We have met a bunch of great snowbirds here. A BUNCH from Canada and Wisconsin! They must live where it gets cold in the winter. Each day from 4-6 we gather on a patio dubbed “The Snowbird Saloon”. We usually have about 8 conversations happening at once, so it’s a lively group. There are some riders here, too, so we’ve certainly found a place where we “belong”.


2 thoughts on “Magical

  1. Reminds me of the George Strait lyrics “I remember that old Frio river where I learned to swim…” Now I know where it is…looks beautiful!


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