Mini Cooper, Mexico and a Fantastic River Road!

I like to have Kahlua in my morning coffee and we were running low. When we go to Mexico on vacation, we usually pick some up at the duty free store in the airport. We decided to buzz down to Mexico (80 miles) and get some at 1/3 the US price. We went to Ojinaga, Mexico and then drove the Rio Grande River road. I was a little nervous about going to a border town as it was my first time. We took the Mini across the border. It turned out to be simple and not so scary. It took about an hour for the border crossing and shopping.



After our ‘errand’ we took FM170 east to Terlingua. WOW…what a great road. It follows the Rio Grande River through the Big Bend Ranch State Park. The vistas, curves and mountains are superb. We had ridden this road last year with friends but I must been really concentrating on the curves and missed some of the biggest vistas and detail. Below is a pictorial of our adventure. Of course there is no way the pictures can do this justice. Remember, any time you see the river, the opposite bank is Mexico.





We came upon an old western movie set where 5 movies had been shot. It was interesting and quite apparent why the location was chosen.







One thought on “Mini Cooper, Mexico and a Fantastic River Road!

  1. I have been drinking my coffee black but you have given me something new to try! Great pictures – love seeing where you are. Love Mary


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