Fort Davis, Texas is Awesome!

As we get ready to leave Ft. Davis, I wanted to tell do a little review. Yesterday we went to the fort Davis National Monument and learned a little about the history of west Texas and the USA. First of all the area is beautiful. It has a scenic loop that is awesome, San Solomon Springs with warm water for swimming and scuba diving, it’s close to Mexico and the Rio Grande valley with perhaps one of the most gorgeous roads I’ve ridden, and the McDonald Observatory along with great old west history. Fort Davis National Monument is an old west Army Post along the wagon trail old road from San Antonio to El Paso. It is one of many created to protect settlers and prospectors going to California. It’s an old Cavalry Post established in 1854 and is the most restored old west fort in the National Park System. It has quite a story. I was surprised by the quality and quantity of the displays. They have a museum, a Gatling Gun, a couple of wheeled cannons, lots of antique artifacts from the early west. Several buildings have been restored and are on display as they were in the old west as well. At one time the fort had over 50 structures. The have bugle calls over a loudspeaker throughout the day signifying the routine of the soldiers day. It really added to my experience as I was a bugler in the Boy Scouts. Last night we went to the McDonald Observatory for a special viewing night to hear a lecture by one of the astronomers and look through the big 107 inch telescope. It’s huge, 350,000 pounds and moves with a 1/2 HP motor. They use it for research and one of the current projects is examining comets. If you get a chance to come to Fort Davis, Texas, I highly recommend it.

















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