Three Rivers Petroglyphs

Sunday, we rode to Tularosa (means red reeds), NM to check out the Three Rivers Petroglyphs recreational area. It was a beautiful day, so we took the Harley, although we agree, now, that this would’ve been a better Mini Cooper trip. After crossing San Augustin pass in the San Andres mountains, again, the flat land across the White Sands missile range and straight roads for 120 miles are not as fun on the bike.
The site has a great view of Sierra Blanca (white mountain).

It actually has electric and water hookups for camping, but the area is pretty desolate. There are over 22,000 petroglyphs at this site, which have been catalogued. They’ve created a 1 mile loop rock trail up a hill with guide posts to point out some of the different types of pictures found in the area. They encourage you to leave the trail to see what else you can find, and we found more incredible images on the unposted part of the trail. We found it really fascinating and would recommend a visit if you’re in the area of Alamogordo (means fat cottonwood), NM east of White Sands or in Ruidosa, NM northwest of this site.
Here’s Bob by the first petroglyph we found. You can see Sierra Blanca in the background. We think the lower right part of the drawing is a bear claw.

On these drawings they used the features of the rocks make the faces almost three dimensional.


There were several drawing with rams, which we figure must have been one of their main hunting targets. In fact some of the rams had arrows shown in the drawings, too.



Other animals were also depicted, including roadrunners, lizards and snakes.



The sheer volume of graphics, animals, and people on these rocks was pretty impressive and definitely worth the trip.





3 thoughts on “Three Rivers Petroglyphs

  1. Man this is too funny.
    We are constantly reading and recently discovered a new to us author who lives in New Mexico.
    His name is Michael McGarrity and all his books revolve around NM.
    The title of the book we just finished is Tularosa.
    How crazy is that.
    Terry & Judy

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