City of Rocks

Tonight is our last night in Deming. We decided to break up our journey to Phoenix and are heading to Benson, AZ tomorrow just east of Tucson. Our neighbor in Las Cruces highly recommended Bisbee and Tombstone to see the “real” Arizona, so we thought we’d make a stop on our way.
As I write this, the Mini and the motorcycle are loaded and ready for the journey. In some ways it’s nice to stay somewhere for only a few days. We don’t completely unpack, so moving on is less of a chore. We decided we should take advantage of our last day here and go visit City of Rocks State Park.
This place was MADE for some kids (and adults) we know and love. It’s a bit like Garden of the Gods, but infinitely more climbable and it has camping spots set amongst the rocks. Cool! We did a little exploring ourselves and can imagine the hours of fun our nephews, nieces and grandkids would have here. Get up in the morning and climb. Eat lunch and climb some more. Have dinner and play hide and seek on the rocks. I’m smiling just thinking about it. AND they have an observatory where they do star parties, too. Awesome!
Anyway, here’s a few of the pictures from our visit. We hope you enjoy!

We’re number one! Heehee!

Our campsite of choice – next time!









The view of the city from the nearby overlook.



5 thoughts on “City of Rocks

  1. As you drive by Wilcox, you might like the Chiricahua National Monument, it is a site to see…and be sure to check out the Courthouse at Tombstone.


  2. Thanks for sharing! Stormy would have loved to have seen this! Good for the two of you. This is what retirement is supposed to be about and you have actually gone and done it!

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