The PCH journey continues

Riding the Pacific Coast Highway is more than just an ocean side road. Where we started, it was all city traffic and beautiful beach homes and crowded beaches. People, people and more people!

Monday, we wound our way through Santa Barbara past Pismo Beach and wound up in Morro Bay.  The crowds thinned out some, and the highway left the coast for a while to wind through some scenic farms.  It was really gorgeous and you could smell the ripening strawberries in the afternoon breeze.  

The water from Goleta pier was so turquoise, it was stunning
Interesting flowers used for “dune management”
As the PCH leaves the coast, it could be any mountain road
Strawberry field for miles!
Heading to the bay for seafood, of course!
Sunset in Morro Bay

Yesterday, we left Morro Bay and headed toward San Simeon to see the Hearst castle. I think Bob said it best, “I’m glad I’ve seen it, but it’s a bit like Alcatraz in that I won’t be back.”  The house is amazing, with museum level historical art pieces just sitting around the “living room”. You can only view the house on a $25 guided tour and then you only get to see part of that on each tour, so we only saw the Grand Rooms on the first floor. It was also crazy busy, so we had to wait a couple hours for a tour, so the stop took much of our day.  


The “Living room”


The dining room


Part of the game room


The view from the castle


We decided to head further north to stay on the Monterrey peninsula, just North of Monterrey in a little town called Marina. This part of the PCH was almost all directly on the coast with many parts on a the side of a cliff down to the Pacific. It was stunning around nearly every turn. I haven’t been to Hawaii, but this is what I envision for the road to Hana, only less tropical and more forest. We saw giant Redwoods near Big Sur and road some amazing twisties. The 90 miles took about 3 hours!   

kite surfers
tidal pools
winding coastal road



A FIERCE wind kicked up and threatened to blow us into the ocean a couple times, so by the time we made it to Marina, we were exhausted and ready for a good nights rest. 


4 thoughts on “The PCH journey continues

  1. Our house might offer a sanctuary. Having all the “FUN” your’e having looks like a lot of work to me! We lounge a lot here.



  2. We hit Bay Area north to Bodega Bay last summer on a vacation trip with Lora’s sisters. Six of us in a rented Suburban and me driving. Enjoyed it very much and managed to not get anyone to the motion sickness phase on all the twists and turns.

    Stunning view and scenery for certain.


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