LA to Las Vegas (Baby) and a Review of our New 2015 Road Glide CVO

Well, actually we left from our mountain top RV park in Lake Elsinore. We went to help celebrate uncle Don’s birthday. He asked me not to post his age because all the ladies in his neighborhood think he’s about 70 and he doesn’t want to bust their (his) bubble. Don has a son living in Vegas, so it seemed to be the best place for a surprise party. 

We left for Vegas about 11:30 on Friday, stopped for gas, and headed out. Traffic wasn’t too bad until we hit construction on north bound I-15. Then it slowed to a crawl. We crossed the Mojave desert and a couple of mountain passes on the 250 mile ride and got in about 5:30 PM. We checked in and went to dinner at Viva Zapata’s. It was fantastic Mexican food. The next day we took the Harley to Las Vegas Harley-Davisdon for some tune-up work on their Dynojet. More on this in my next post. Lunch and the birthday party were at Diablo’s in the Monty Carlo Casino. They also have good Mexican food. Michelle and I think we were Mexican in a previous life.😄 We walked the strip, road the tram and walked some more before our bike was completed. We had dinner with the cousins and played Bingo. Michelle won $180 bucks. Holy Cow! We actually won! Amazing! We stayed up late, gambled some more, gave back some of our winnings on roulette and turned in late. We saw Guy Fieri at the Longbar at the D hotel and casino.  We were going to ride the Fremont Experience zip line, but the wait was more than 2 hours so we turned in.






The 2015 CVO Road Glide

This is our second big ride on the new 2015 Road Glide CVO. I must say, the more I ride it, the more I like it. I’m coming from the last year they made the CVO Road Glide in 2011 to the new “Project Rushmore” 2015 CVO Road Glide. It does a good job on the twisties and around town but this thing is a road HOG when you get it out on the open highway. It’s fantastic for the higher mileage rides. The GPS is great, the satellite radio and traffic (free for 3 months), voice command telephone, and all the other luxuries make the miles fly by. It seems to really get its legs around 75-85 mph in 6th gear. The triple-vents in the fairing work well to bring in more air and you can close them whenever you want.

This pic was taken on the PCH.


The motor company did their homework. I’m short legged (29″ inseam) and about 5’10. They brought  the handlebars back about 5″ so this lets me relax a little without having to lean forward. They extended the seat and made more room so I can use the rider back rest even with a passenger. They moved the odometer button so you can see your mileage without having to reach the side of the speedometer. They added a postitive feel to the turn signal buttons so you can easily tell when they’re activated. They moved a few things on the handlebar controls to make them more convenient. The joystick controls for the GPS are simple, but take getting used to. I like the touch screen, but it’s most useful when setting up your trip before riding. Two things I wish for: a docking GPS allows you to take the unit inside to plan your next trip (at lunch or before your ride) and a little extension on the dash overhang to shield it from the sun in order to see the screen better. This might be better as an accessory. The saddle bag open and close levers are great, as well as the new closure on the tour pack trunk. The larger trunk holds 2 full helmets. The LED compartment lights are now automatic and come on when the bike is turned off or when the security system is deactivated. The old ones had to be turned on and off manually and weren’t easy to activate. The rear seat has more room and the saddlebag guards are reshaped so they don’t hit the passengers leg in the middle of their calf. All in all, they did a good job.


The GPS works well so far, but has quit twice after using the phone and force ending the call rather than allowing it to hang up after the other caller disconnects. When you use the phone and end it by the touch screen the GPS fails to rebuild the GPS map and remains blank. The phone works great via Bluetooth and does voice dial from your contact list. I’ve been told it sounds clear even at highway speeds. The GPS is slow to process. Our old Garmin GPS that came with the old bike was faster. I don’t know whether it’s a hardware issue or a lot of data to process. The speakers and sound system are great, but we listen to our intercom and music via our helmet headphones. The bike has two 12 volt power ports, one up front and one in the trunk. It has a USB connection in the right glove box from which it will play your playlist and the phone. I have not tried using navigation apps like WAZE or Google Maps to see if their voice prompts come over the headphones. The Daymaker LED headlights are plenty bright and are a welcome improvement. 

All in all, the Motor Company did a great job on this bike. I’ll talk about dyno-tuning in a separate blog.

So, Vegas was a blast! We came home with a little winnings😄. The highway is great, but very crowded. It required a fair amount of lane-sharing through a couple of long traffic jams. It has some amazing views and the biggest solar array I’ve ever seen. The Mojave desert is white and the dust devils rule!  It was a great trip, and we had fun with family both at Uncle Don’s ___th birthday party and after. The Road Glide is running great and all’s well in Vegas.


One thought on “LA to Las Vegas (Baby) and a Review of our New 2015 Road Glide CVO

  1. Bob and Michelle:
    I have missed you guys a lot. Send me your phone number of email address so we can talk and text.


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