Glacier National Park and more

We left you at Yellowstone in June and Eureka Springs in September, with a promise to fill in the gap. Now that we have solved our lack of internet problem and made it through Thanksgiving, it seems like we should take the time to get you caught up on our adventures. I hope you’re wondering what happened to Ride, Dive and be Murray. Are Bob and Michelle still out seeking adventure and exploring? Sorry for leaving you hanging.  We hope you enjoy getting caught up.

We spent most of July in Western Montana. We bought a whole new set of tires for Maxi – ouch and ka-ching($$), to say the least. We thoroughly appreciate the discount we got as members of FMCA, the lack of sales tax in Montana and the fact that we won’t have to pony up for that big buy for the next 7 years.

Michelle really wanted to visit Glacier National Park and her parents agreed to meet us there for their vacation. They even brought their extra kayaks, so in addition to riding the twisting mountain roads on the motorcycle, we took the Mini out on the back roads in search of the best kayak lakes.  We also rode the Whitefish river directly out of Whitefish lake. What a great treat!

Ready for our first kayak expedition. Doesn’t the Mini look great?
Bob paddling Ashley lake…too big!
Michelle and her parents on Sylvia Lake…a bit too small
Sylvia lake had great reflections

And a deer with no fear!

Michelle’s parents and Bob paddling Lion Lake…good size and wind protection on a gusty day
Kayaking the river included lunching with ducks…
And riding through a culvert – quite thrilling!

Before our visit, I didn’t really know anything about Glacier National Park. My parents had been there in their RV, but I didn’t get it. I looked at the pictures they brought home and thought it was beautiful but didn’t get the jist of how magnificent these mountains are. They are truly  the “Crown of the North America”.

Our new RV and riding friends, Mike and Judy Boyle suggested riding the going to the sun road from the East for bettering lighting on the mountains.  This meant an early start, but it was worth it. We drove the southern road Hwy 2 all the way around the park to East Glacier, the town on the eastern side. After a nice lunch by the beautiful St. Mary lake, we headed west on the Going To The Sun Road. This ride was even more poignant because the Reynolds Creek forest fire started that very afternoon and would close off this side of the park and the road for most of the rest of the summer.

We had a great ride! The road clings to the mountains and cliffs along a crazy path through the mountains with fantastic views that look like some amazing valleys only possible in your greatest imagination. These mountains defies description they are so magnificent. I know our pictures won’t do them justice.

The east side with curves way out in the distance!
St Mary Lake just a couple hours before the fire
Melting glaciers make some amazing waterfalls


Our second trip into the park explored more of the Western side, including the Trail of the Cedars. What a cool hike!


Horsing around in a big old cedar stump!
The lush western side of Glacier

We loved our time in Montana. Rocky Mountain Hi Campground was a great, centralized home base that allowed us to explore not only the park, but the amazing national forests, Flathead lake and the area. Our visit perfectly coincided with the cherry harvest and I think I ate my weight in Flathead Cherries.  Yummy!


8 thoughts on “Glacier National Park and more

  1. Hi. Enjoyed your post–thought of you guys yesterday–hope you had a good thanksgiving. We rode to St Augustine for lunch and avoided the craziness of Daytona area car buffs in the area for Turkey Rod plus other holiday visitors. Beautiful riding weather–enjoy –hope we can share it sometime. Ann & Mike

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  2. Looks like you guys had a great time and great timing. A lot of Glacier was shut down due to the fires and the rest was smoked out. We’re in the desert, east of San Diego. The weather is great and getting a lot of great hikes in. Come spring we’ll head up to the Dakotas. Hope to see you on the road.

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  3. Looks like you guys had a great time, and great timing. A lot of Glacier got shut down due to the fires and the rest was smoked out. We were in Idaho and got smoke all the way over there. Nice photos.

    We’re in the desert, east of SanDiego. The weather is 60-70 day and 40-50 nights. Getting in a lot of hiking in some beautiful areas.

    Come spring we’ll be heading for the Dakotas via Az, NM, Tx & Ok. Hope to see you on the road.


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