September in Eureka Springs

After a couple of months of not posting, we thought we’d just skip directly to our most recent activity. We may go back and post about our great times with my parents in NW Montana and Glacier National Park in July; our August stopover at Sturgis, South Dakota for the 75th anniversary rally; and our family visits in Iowa and Kansas. We had a wonderful time all summer – so much that we didn’t take the time to put together a blog post. Sorry for the website silence!

For the month of September, we have been parked at Wanderlust RV Park just outside of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Our hosts here, owners Randall and Teresa, have been great – welcoming, friendly and a wealth of suggestions for rides, attractions and places to eat. If you like local food made in individually owned restaurants, then this place may be your paradise. We were watching our diet closely the first couple weeks and thoroughly enjoyed the new veggies we found at the twice a week, local Farmers Market. We found that we love pan-seared Shishito peppers and also Asian eggplant.  We found authentic New York Italian food at Low Gap Cafe on a great ride along highway 74. It doesn’t look like much, so we were glad that Randall told us about this great spot!  


Northwest Arkansas is a dream for any Harley rider or Mini driver. At the end of the Ozark mountains, this area gives the twisties a whole new meaning. EVERY road, EVERY ride, EVERY trip involves curves and hills. They don’t call Eureka “Little Switzerland” for nothing. Leave your Garmin at home, unless you’re ready for some roads that seem too crazy to drive!  Terry, this is technical riding at its best!  Here’s a few pictures from the roads…


Hello from the back seat!

There are some cool attractions not too far from Eureka Springs. The Thorncrown Chapel is a beautiful glass/steel/wood chapel set amongst the trees. The chapel has won a bunch of architecture awards and it’s easy to see why:

Beaver lake and dam are amazing!  Our friend Artie gave us a late night ride on his pontoon boat on the lake, which was awesome!  We found a cool “next time” campground just down from the dam. We also rode around part of the lake to check out the dam. 

On highway 187 just north of the lake, by the town of Beaver, is the Beaver one lane suspension bridge. So cool and unexpected, but Bob says the road surface is not so great!

Just up the road from us, is the Great Passion Play and Christ of the Ozarks. We went to check it out on our first ride and also found a piece of the Berlin Wall there. It was quite humbling. 

There are a number of privately run caves in the area. We chose the Onyx Cave, which is just east of our campsite. It had a self guided tour with radio controlled headphones. We listened to each of the recordings on the way down and then took our time on the way back out to really look at all the features. Here’s the “fireplace”and “dragon” and “elephant”:

My cousin Denise and her boyfriend  joined us for the cave tour. We had a great time checking out the cool old building, shops and restaurants in Eureka with them!

Our timing also allowed us to attend two big events. First, we got to see part of the Arkansas State Hot Air Balloon Championship in Harrison. We went for the balloon glow and tethered rides. They let everyone gather right around where the balloons were put up. It was easily the closest Bob had been to a launch. It reminded me of the fun I had when living in Arizona and helping my uncle Paul launch his balloon. It’s a pretty cool experience. 

Finally, we were joined by Bob’s brother Mark and his wife, Donna, to go to the Bikes, Blues and BBQ rally in Fayetteville. We only rode to the rally one day, but we got to ride around here a few times and go to see Kid Rock’s concert, too. It was fun to have some riding partners again!

All in all, we had a wonderful time this month and had a great viewing location for the super moon eclipse.  We will definitely be back again!  Next up for us, we head to Texas. A couple weeks in the Dallas area and a couple closer to Houston before heading toward Florida for the winter. We are looking forward to catching up with all of our Texas friends! (And making time for some annual doctor visits, of course.)


3 thoughts on “September in Eureka Springs

  1. Mik and Bob: My brother is in Springdale but years ago he was down towards Little Rock. He sent us on the scenic route on a rainy day through the Arkansas National Forest I believe. It took forever to find him but it was pretty. Just as you cross into Arkansas from I29 you find Macadoodles…. have more beer, wine, drinks than we have ever seen. Even wine for $250 a bottle – hope it is good! I Love Eureka Springs…thanks for sharing.

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  2. Great to hear from you guys…when you have time please do fill us in on the missing months. I would like to hear about Glacier and the Sturgis rally. Did you guys see the huge wind chimes located on Ark 23 “the pigs trail”. They are fun to see too. How is the new Bike holding up? Where are you going in Florida? Hope I get a chance to see you in town. Thanks again for posting, love reading them.

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    1. Duane-
      We didn’t see the wind chimes on the pig trail. Part of the road is closed down due to a big slough so we only took it down to hwy 16. The new bike is great. We put in some quiet baffles in the pipes and finally got the low end back pressure we needed to make for smooth starts. We haven’t decided on one place in Florida and plan to move around a bit. We would like to go to Daytona Bike Week in March. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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