October in Texas

We spent much of the month of October in Texas. It was time for those annual doctor visits, which made a great excuse to head back to our old hometown and catch up with our friends.  It’s funny how different our hometown feels after 17 months on the road!  However, our favorite restaurants are there and we practically ate our way through the metroplex! Unfortunately, as so often happens, when we are visiting our family and friends, we forget all about taking pictures with them.  We are so busy catching up, the camera never comes to mind, so the pics on this blog are going to be somewhat limited.  To all our Texas friends and blog readers – we LOVED seeing you, despite the lack of pics!


Sunrise over the lake was spectacular!
Dark nights make a great test for our newly installed undercarriage rope lights!
We stayed near Ennis at High View Park on Lake Bardwell.  We had a hard time finding a lakeside camping spot in the Dallas area because the spring floods there meant so many of these campgrounds were undergoing repairs. In fact, High View was only half open. We enjoyed our lake view site, but hated that the gate to the park was padlocked at 10 o’clock sharp. Driving back and forth to Dallas for dinner and fun with friends meant we were forced to walk in several nights to get back to our home. While I appreciate the security, I wish there was some gate code or something that was more friendly. 

We ended up with a couple “workdays” without any appointments and decided to drive up to Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo to check it out. We are so lucky to have a great impromptu road trip car, like the Mini. The “Grand Canyon of Texas” is a cool place!  It’s hard to believe we’d never visited this place before. It’s a hidden gem!


Driving down from the canyon rim (to check out the campgrounds, of course!)

 After two weeks in our old haunts, it was time to get back on the road. As we were packing up the coach, we couldn’t get the largest of our slides to retract.  Oh No!!!!!  We finally remembered we had kept our Partsmaster come-along in our tools and used that to help the motor get the slide retracted. This slide had given us trouble in California, which we thought we fixed, and again in Omaha and Kansas, so it was past time to find a service shop!  We headed to Livingston, Texas to visit our “home” and get Maxi some help. Since we moved into the coach full time, we have used Escapees mail forwarding service to handle our mail, so their Rainbow’s End Park is our home address. We arranged to have Acres RV troubleshoot the problem and they found some bearings needed to be replaced and the slide realigned. At $135/hour, it was a pretty expensive repair, but we are glad to have a working slide again. While at the Escapees park, we also had our whole rig weighed with Escapees SmartWeigh and are proud to say we are 4000 pounds UNDERweight – even with our big Harley on the lift on the back. Yippee!

We also drove to Houston, so that we could fly to Kansas and surprise Bob’s daughter for her big birthday. It was great fun to be in on surprising her ourselves and also joining the surprise birthday party that her husband had planned with her local friends. We even got an extra chance to see my sister and her husband who just happened to be in KC for the annual Renaissance faire. We even got to play some Top Golf with our grandson and see our granddaughter’s bible presentation ceremony at their church. More family time. What a treat!


After surprising Jessica on her “date” with Matt!
I know, it looks like a conference, but it was just a place to share video bday greetings from Jessica’s Texas friends
With rain closing in, again, we pushed on toward Mississippi to check out Fall Colors on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Watch for a post on this soon!


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