Back to the adventure…

We haven’t posted in a year. We feel bad about it, too. The last 12 months have been relatively stationary (for those of us that live in a home with wheels). We spent a lot of time in the Omaha area so that Bob could have lower back surgery. Then, we spent another 3 months or so in Phoenix with more family as Bob worked on recuperating and we caught up with some maintenance items on our vehicles.  We thoroughly enjoyed all of our family time and all the events we in which we participated, but we have been hearing the call of the road. Bob’s back is not fixed, but improved enough for us to get back to our adventure. So, welcome back to the ride!

We have a new towed “toad” vehicle. We traded the Mini Cooper in for a manual transmission Subaru Crosstrek. You can see it in the picture above with the kayaks. The Mini was too rough on Bob’s back and the Subaru can be towed without a dolly and can get as back to remote places, too.  We have more plans to explore off-road with our new “Scout” and it’s already come in handy!

We are currently boondocking – camping without any services – near Saddle Mountain west of Tonopah, AZ. The desert is in full bloom and the sunsets are gorgeous! 

We love the solitude out here. “Neighbors” are 1000 feet away, if you have any at all, and so the views are basically ours alone. 

We took the motorcycle out for a ride up to Wickenburg today. We had driven part of this road with Scout while we were staying in Phoenix and thought it would be fun on the bike. The extra elevation meant the spring colors were still in their prime. 

We had lunch at Sunset Park in Wickenburg and watched the planes at the local airport. It was the perfect day for a ride and we feel lucky to be back on our adventure. 

Hopefully, you are all well and we will see you again on the road soon!  Watch out, because here we come!


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