Arizona’s Historic Route 66

We’ve ridden Route 66 in Oklahoma and it’s a nice ride. It has a fantastic motorcycle museum called Seaba Station (Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum). It’s one of the best motorcycle museums I’ve been to. It has the Captain America bike ridden in the first movie. While the ride is less scenic than Arizona’s byway, the museum was well worth the ride.
Arizona’s Historic Route 66 from Topock to Oatman is one of the reason why Route 66 is named “The Mother of all Roads”. This road has amazing views and twisty curves. From moments of giant vistas and big drop offs to mountain passes. Parts of it reminds me of riding the Rio Grande river road in Texas just west of Big Bend National Park.  I was inspired by this ride as to the amazing beauty of our country and it compels me to want to ride more. The road goes through Oatman, a little gold rush town that survives on tourism. They have a Main Street gun fight every day at “high” noon and 2:15. So, be patient if you’re passing through as traffic stops for about 15 minutes. Wild donkeys roam free in town and are not shy about nudging you for a snack. 

So, without much ado, here are some of the pics Michelle took on our ride.
The road surface is pretty good most of the way, but can be rough.

Neat guard rail with a fantastic view!

Tons of wild flowers.

Amazing ride with stunning views, especially from Sitgreaves Pass!

Quote from Cool Springs Station web site says, “Of all the stretches along Route 66 this was perhaps the most intimidating of all, with its steep grades, narrow road, and hairpin curves. Some travelers of old Route 66 would pay the locals to drive their car up the grade for them or even have their vehicle towed over the summit.”Many grade changes and curves are so much fun. It can be a thrilling ride.Cool Springs Station is an old gas station from the from the mid 1920’s rebuilt by a man who loves the area and tried for years to purchase the ruins. He rebuilt it into a cool little museum and gift shop for reminiscing Route 66 history. Too bad I didn’t look up the hours beforehand because they’re closed on Wednesdays, of course, when we came.

We continued up Route 66 toward Kingman and came back west on AZ68 and then south on US95. We should have gone back the way we came. Bullhead City all the way to Fort Mohave was city traffic and construction. Yuck!

We will probably take this ride again before we leave here. It was just too fun to only do once. Our next ride will be an out and back. Going back the same road is almost a new ride going the other way. It’s often a whole new view.


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