Kayaking Goose Lake in Havasu NWR

After a nine month hiatus, we have both been eager to get back on the water. Our campsite overlooks the lake, but we waited to kayak it until today when there was at most a light breeze. Here’s our view of the lake:

We spent a windy day yesterday scouting potential entry points for the lake and used the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge guide to find some good access points. We decided to paddle out from Catfish Paradise on the South side of the lake.   The temperature was near prefect with a little light breeze. 

We saw a bunch of water birds. Storks, blue heron, egrets, loons, and , yes, a Canada goose. 

A Goose for Goose Lake

We paddled until we could see our home from the water – about 3-1/2 miles from our start!

In the middle of this picture, are two white RVs with a black area to the left. That’s our house!

We even cleaned up the lake a bit, too!

Bob picked up a boat bumper out of the reeds and I got a fishing line and bobber off one of the trees.

It was a perfect kayak day and a great place to get back paddling. We are looking forward to more exploring on the water again soon!

Here’s the picture of our 6.81 mile trek as drawn by Map my Hike – it worked better than the Garmin with less battery usage!


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