Finishing our ride on the Pacific Coast Highway (CA1)

Two years ago we rode the PCH from south of LA to San Francisco to visit our friends. We stayed at Best Westerns and had a great time. We had such a great time that we vowed to ride the rest. For information about our 2015 ride, click here

This time we left from Red Bluff, CA. Highway 36 is one of those roads they don’t recommend for big vehicles. It’s really made for motorcycles, yep, special! I even have photographic proof. 😉 

So, aside from the fabulous ride with great curves and lots of elevation changes, it may possibly be one of the most beautiful rides ever. When we reached the Avenue of the Giants and rode between the giant redwoods, it was magical. 

Our lodging for the first night was the Riverwood Inn, a roadhouse, tavern and a Mexican restaurant. Fortunately things seemed to settle down about 9PM on a Monday and the food was good. 

The next day, we finished the Avenue of the Giants and joined US 101 to get to the northern end of the PCH (CA1). It was still a long way to the coast and we did experience some construction delays, but it didn’t dampen our excitement for riding this epic highway. Our first view of the Pacific Ocean was an amazing coast with beautiful white capped blue waves. The northern coast of California is so beautiful and still remote. 

We stayed at a boutique bed and breakfast called Elk Cove Inn and Spa. They offer a “call ahead, same day” discount for their two wheel customers (bicycle or motorcycle).  The Store in Elk has great sandwiches, if you don’t opt for dinner at the Inn. The breakfast at the inn was fabulous with a great view. 

We continued down the highway through groves of giant trees, amazing vistas and curvy roads. At Bodaga Bay, we turned inland so we wouldn’t be too late arriving at our friends. 

All in all, I’d say the northern part was just as awesome as the southern. There weren’t any Best Westerns with the HOG membership discount, and that turned out to be a good thing. We had an awesome new experience in the roadhouse and the beautiful inn. We had a great time with our friends and hauled ass home on the Interstate!  It was crazy hot and we were glad to be back to our air conditioning at home and ready to rest up before heading to Oregon. 


2 thoughts on “Finishing our ride on the Pacific Coast Highway (CA1)

  1. Very nice. I rode along the PCH from San Diego to Hurst Castle a couple years ago. I’m now planning another trip to continue North all the way to Seattle. I can hardly wait!

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