Suislaw National Forest, Oregon (stop one)

Our first stop on our Northwest adventure was great!  We had windy weather, but in our four days we:

  • Drove the one lane scenic Nf-24 road
  • Hiked the Sweet Creek Trail to see the eleven waterfalls
  • Explored Florence bay and fresh fish market and Dune City on the motorcycle
  • Kayaked Siltcoos river and watched the sand falls on the dunes
  • Watched the sunset at Haceta Head lighthouse 

The sand falls were amazing. On the kayak trip on Siltcoos river, the dunes come right up to the edge of the water. The angle is so steep that you can watch the sand slide down the dunes and into the river. Where there is more vegetation, the sand collects and then falls like mini waterfalls down to the next ledge and the next before reaching the river’s edge. Really cool place!

Don’t miss the Haceta Head lighthouse!  It’s location is stunning and if you can go at sunset, the views are fantastic!

We are now in the Newport, Oregon area at our second stop and looking forward to more exploring. 


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