Suislaw National Forest (Stops 2 and 3)

We are finishing up our time on the Oregon coast. It’s been amazing!  Our second stop was just south of Newport, Oregon, which has a beautiful bay bridge. We spent a day exploring Lincoln City (known for its perfect kite flying conditions) and another day exploring Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area and lighthouse. It’s the tallest on the Oregon coast, but no tours until next month due to a staffing shortage. Bummer. In the video, listen for the roar (like thunderous applause) on the black pebble beach near the lighthouse. It was really cool!

Our last stop along the coast brought us to Pacific City. We enjoyed visiting the Tillamook factory and sampling their cheeses and ice cream. Yummy!  The Beach across the road from our resort had a “tree tunnel” on the trail and gave us an opportunity to watch someone practice paragliding. The next day, at an overlook of Cape Lookout, our timing was perfect to watch another glider prep, take off and glide a while down to the Beach. We also got to see Cape Meares and tour the shortest lighthouse on the Oregon coast. Our final day had us at Mount Hebo and Hebo Lake. The clouds were low today, so we regularly got to kayak through the clouds on this little lake. Quite an experience!  

We head toward the Columbia River and Warren, Oregon tomorrow. We are looking forward to kayaking Scappoose Bay. We hope you all have a great Fourth of July holiday!


2 thoughts on “Suislaw National Forest (Stops 2 and 3)

  1. What beautiful country you are seeing! We have never gotten that far west. Such beautiful videos also…you both look like you enjoy what you are doing!

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