Celebrating Independence Day (stop 4)

We celebrated Independence Day this year in the St. Helens, Oregon area. As is often the case when we get near a big metropolitan area, like Portland, we spent much of our five days here running errands and picking up supplies that aren’t available in the smaller towns.

We stayed at Bayport RV Park and Campground, which is run by the Port of St Helens and adjacent to the Scappoose Bay Marine Park and Paddle Center. We took advantage of our near proximity to Scappoose Bay and enjoyed kayaking around the bay and creek on the 4th. We were treated to a great view of snow capped Mount St. Helens from the bay and even saw a couple of bald eagles on the 4th!  The dark river water made it a bit of a challenge to avoid the low water spots in the bay,  but we had a wonderful time. 

We finished our day in the town of St Helens and enjoyed their fireworks and those of the people across the river in Ridgefield, WA. People spend some big money on their personal fireworks displays and it reminded us of watching fireworks in Council Bluffs and Omaha from the Connolly’s house on the bluffs. Great memories and a fun new addition to our small town Independence Day celebrations. 

Today, we head back to the coast and start our exploration of Washington.


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