Southern Washington Coast (stop 5 and 6)

Our time on the Washington coast was brightened when my Dad came to join our adventures for a couple weeks.  It has been great to have him along and share our travels and time with family. We even had him help us add a pin to our travels map!

Our first stop in Washington was just north of Cape Disappointment and the Columbia River in Long Beach. We stayed at Long Beach RV and Campground, which was a bit like living in a tight trailer park, but it had a nice path to the beach that allowed us to do some sunset kite flying with Dad. Much of our time there was occupied fixing our air system on the motor coach. As we were parking, Bob noticed the air brakes and air bags weren’t maintaining pressure. It turns out our pressure relief valve on the dryer failed, so it took a couple days to make sure we’re back in working order to continue our journey. We also paddled Willapa Bay National Wildlife Refuge near high tide. It was pretty cool, especially when we saw the area nearly dry the next day at low tide. Quite a tidal change with the full moon! 

Our next step was Oceana RV and Campground near Ocean City. We had a lot more space and another easy walk to the beach where Dad found a nearly complete sand dollar. We used this site as a gateway to Olympic National Park and Forest. We made two trips up highway 101 to the park. We visited Lake Quinault, a huge Sitka spruce tree and an old growth forest nature trail on one trip. We even found a couple beaches to drive on!  The next trip was to the beach, Hoh rain forest and river and a giant red cedar. The rain forest trail even let us see a couple Elk from fairly close quarters. They were hard to spot in the tall grasses. We had a great time on both trips. The Olympic peninsula has such a wide diversity of ecosystems, it’s really astounding. 

Now we head inland to visit Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier. We are looking forward to more volcano exploration!


One thought on “Southern Washington Coast (stop 5 and 6)

  1. What great pictures! Missed you at Mass Bob. Some of us doing double duty. Fr. Carlos seems to roll with the punches well. Glad you are having a good time. Mary & Jack

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