A view of a lifetime

Witnessing the total solar eclipse today at Phillips Lake in eastern Oregon was truly beyond words. We are camped at the Union Creek Campground on the lake and paddled out this morning for an unobstructed view. The lake started with a few wind ripples, but soon the wind died the the lake became mirror smooth. What a vision!

We used Bob’s old welding hoods to watch the eclipse and they worked spectacularly!

The totality was amazing and we saw Saturn in the darkened sky and the 360 degree sunset along the horizon. Breathtaking!

When the totality happened, you could hear the cheers rise around the lake as people celebrated the wonder of the sky, but it seemed that all of nature was still and calm.

We feel really blessed that our nomadic lifestyle allowed us to find a place where we could experience this event in all its glory.

I wish somehow we could’ve really captured the experience to share with all of our family and friends, but words don’t seem to do it justice.


5 thoughts on “A view of a lifetime

  1. Friends: Some Bible ladies and Grace headed to Geneva NE which is south of York. Quite a view there. Did not get really dark but dusky. We took the back highways and only hit a big snag by Yutan where there was construction and they had the green light/red light set up. Took much longer to get home but what trip….awesome.

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