Welcome to our blog!  We hope you find our new RV adventures interesting, informative, fun, fascinating or all of the above.  We are Bob and Michelle Murray and are headed out on the road in July 2014.  We are fortunate enough to have great family support for our new adventure.

We’ve been married eight years and even worked together at Partsmaster in Irving, TX.  Bob is retiring after he turns 62, so we can see (and ride our motorcycle) in all the beautiful spots around the country.  We also love to go scuba diving, so we may leave the RV from time-to-time for an underwater adventure.  We are used to spending a lot of time together so we’re really looking forward to this next chapter and can’t wait to see how it evolves.

We started this blog to help us keep in touch with all of our friends (new and old) and family around the country.  We hope to see you out on the road sometime!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Guys! So good to hear from you … I am very happy for you guys getting in all this travel! You are Blessed😇 I’ll be in cozumel June 17-24 and Utilla Honduras july 18-25
    Would love to dive again with you again !
    love Marketa

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